We’re a group of computer geeks that are very skilled at programming and website development.

We’re also movie buffs. As movie buffs often do, we were searching the web for movies we didn’t watch yet. We were suddenly surprised to notice there wasn’t much variety, eclecticism among the results. That was unsettling, to say the least, as it was upsetting.

Not because we couldn’t find any type of movie we want on the web, but because the amount of websites and programs we had to search and download to satisfy our movie hunger. That’s when we decided it’s over due to have one place where all genres of movies are found. We love movies so much, we want everyone to have as much access to various types of movies as possible. All in one place, if possible. That’s the purpose of our software. To give viewers a fast and reliable way to access movies of any sort and kind.

It really wasn’t easy. The road to making Khmer Movie a dream come true was full of obstacles. So much so, we even thought of giving up a few times. But as you can see for your self and much fortunately, we didn’t! Today our movie library is full of wonderful and various movies from all over the world! We are so happy to have the privilege of giving you guys this service. We still have a lot to do to perfect this work and for that we need YOU! So how can you help? That’s easy, download the Khmer Movie software and start watching movies, give us feed back (good or bad), report problems and most of all – enjoy yourself. After all, this is why we do it, for your enjoyment and richness of colorful entertainment.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us so far.